Snacks for

Natural, organic, tasty, cereal bars by mums, for mums

Fair and square!

Our square bars…

Help you feel full through the use of oatmeal and ingredients with a low or average glycemic index.

Help reduce fatigue thanks to vitamins B1, B9, Iron and magnesium.

Our breastfeeding range promote milk production thanks to an ancient plant, fenugreek.


And lots of other good stuff, even if we can’t guarantee you a full night’s sleep!

Made in France with

organic ingredients

Our squares are naturally rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals to help you get your energy and wellbeing back after giving birth.
They are cooked at a low temperature to preserve their vitamins and nutrients, and above all their taste.
They are the perfect snack, whether you’re breastfeeding or not.

We take care with them, so they can take care of you!

Snacks you can enjoy!

Did you know?

Most mums are lacking in iron and vitamins after they give birth.

Nutritionists, naturopaths, gynecologists and food industry experts helped us find the formula that best suits your needs.

How do I use them?

Carry them with you, taking 1 or 2 per day as a snack, ideally with fruit that’s rich in vitamin C (kiwi, orange, acerola, goji berries…) as this helps the body to absorb the iron.

Don’t forget that new mums also need food that is rich in calcium (dairy products, but also thyme, sardines, tofu…).

Have we whetted your appetite?

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