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Snacks that are 100% organic, 100% healthy, 100% tasty, 100% natural
Created by mums, for mums

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Whether you want to stock up on goodness for both of you during your pregnancy, recover and fend off fatigue after the birth, or get a bit of a boost while breastfeeding…

Our story

We are two mums…

…with little interest in food supplements, superfood powders or “nutrition” snacks full of artificial vitamins and loaded with sugar.

We designed the snacks that we would have wanted to enjoy during and after our pregnancies.  100% organic, 100% natural, bioavailable and above all tasty (otherwise what’s the point?!) to cater for the specific needs of our daily lives as women.

Our “squares” are like battery chargers, full of superfoods and, taken as a snack, they help you stock up on what’s good for you.  Helping you to eat better, despite the hectic realities of motherhood.

we’re stronger

Because we know that we need a village to raise a child…

Mums and health professionals are also here to give you a heap of advice and information on everything to do with motherhood.

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