Né à

We’ve got a crush on a new brand that’s really taking off… Né à.

Hands up who has never wondered what baby care products contain? Never spent an age trying to decode the labels with their unfathomable lists of ingredients? Anybody?!

We often get overwhelmed, sometimes even before we leave the maternity ward, by countless brands promising us natural ingredients, when in fact their products often contain things that are ill-suited or even harmful for our babies. Trying to sort out which is which isn’t always easy, especially when you’re in the middle of all the other ‘stuff’ that new mums have to deal with (you’ve heard about the ‘mental load’, right? 😉 )

This is why Né à, which means ‘Born in’, really spoke to us: simple, natural, effective products for baby’s delicate skin. Founded in 2015 by Manon Latgé, the entire range was developed in partnership with the Sarrus–Teinturiers clinic in Toulouse, with its team of nursery staff, pediatricians, midwives and obstetricians. Manon’s idea: healthy organic products ‘made for babies by baby experts’.

Né à is a range of baby care products that contain no components that might pose a threat to baby’s health, and no endocrine disruptors (paraben, phenoxyethanol, sulfate, phthalate and betaine). 99% of the ingredients are natural, with no alcohol, synthetic fragrances or colouring agents. We like the transparent process and the approach that keeps our care routine simple and true.

Jolly Mama took a special shine ( 😉 ) to the super gentle cleansing gel that can be used for the hair and the skin, with a lovely verbena fragrance that made us want to use it on ourselves too.

In short, a baby brand that’s also good for mums (and the rest of the family!).


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