Parfait pour Jaden

We crossed paths with Amélie Ebongué, a bubbly young mum, who is a digital strategy expert and president of the charity Parfait pour Jaden (Perfect for Jaden).

Created in April 2018, and with the support of Gynécologie sans frontières (Gynecology Without Borders), this charity works with women in Cameroon, with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality rates, which are very high there. In rural areas, maternal mortality is even on the rise, which is astonishing in 2019! Each year in Cameroon, around 6000 women die in childbirth. The main reasons are that access to care is expensive, hospitals are often ill-equipped, and women ill-informed.

Ultimately, Amélie hopes to co-construct with local health authorities, while respecting local traditions, a health system that enables access to healthcare for the vast majority. She wants to do so one step at a time, using communication tools to raise awareness in Cameroon’s women, with immediate priority concerning sanitary conditions in rural areas, which are need of huge improvement.

« Maternal health is a cause that I think should concern all women, all over the world, whether they want to have children or not. »

The charity has several missions:

–        Help to train medical personnel, especially midwives,

–        Carry out information campaigns, targeting young schoolgirls in particular

–        Improve hygiene and safety in healthcare facilities …

But Parfait pour Jaden is also about :

–        Creating a birth kit for mother and child, to be distributed as widely as possible,

–        Transmitting the messages of maternal and infant healthcare professionals,

–        A podcast that gives women a chance to talk about maternity issues in Africa.

We think it’s a wonderful project! Bravo Amélie!

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