Brune Vannier, Naturopath

Can you describe yourself in a few words?

I’m the happy mum of 3 gorgeous children aged 5, 3 and 2. Gorgeous, but not necessarily well-behaved, far from it in fact! 🙂

What made you decide to breastfeed?
Was it an easy decision to make?

As a naturopath, I’ve always been convinced about breastfeeding.  I think it’s what’s best for my child, but I’m also a fan of those special moments that you get to share with the baby.  I never had any pain when I was feeding, so it was really enjoyable! No bottles to make up in the middle of the night, or bags to carry… you’ve always got the milk you need when you need it!  It’s also a great way to calm baby down! …. Having said that, you can get caught out… I tended to nurse a bit too frequently!

Tell us about the first time you nursed your baby?

Just after giving birth, the midwife put my baby to my breast. It was magical! But then, back in my room, on my own with the baby, I was totally surprised to feel very strong contractions while I was breastfeeding! Nobody warned me that this could happen at the beginning! Thankfully it doesn’t last long!

How did the first sessions go?

Once those original pains passed, I loved breastfeeding! But I did tend to nurse a bit too often… So for me the major difficulty was that my breasts were always leaking! I was soaked, all the time, especially at night!

Did you feel you needed some help on your ‘adventure’?

No because I’ve always been lucky enough to have babies that fed easily, and never to have suffered from cracks!

My husband couldn’t help with the actual feeding, but he looked after me really well, bringing me drinks regularly, because I was dying of thirst while I was nursing!

Any little hiccups or problems while breastfeeding? How did you tackle them?

Leaks!!! I would put not one but at least 3 nursing pads (the fabric ones that you can wash) in my bras and at night I always kept a spare T-shirt handy!

Did you change your diet while breastfeeding, especially to maintain your milk supply (teas, lactogenic foods…)? What ingredients would you identify as lactogenic? Did you have cravings?

Fennel infusions were my thing! I hated them when I was pregnant, but now I love them! I stopped dairy products to help with the baby’s digestion.

Were you particularly tired during baby’s first months?

No, not particularly… Paradoxically i felt more tired once I stopped nursing, because I had to prepare bottles at set times and didn’t have the tried and trusted breast to calm baby down.

Would you have used Jolly Mama snacks? Will you use them if you are ever pregnant again in the future? Why would you think them worthwhile?

I would have loved to! I would always have kept one in my bag to enjoy if I got peckish. Apart from being nutritionally rich, low on calories and not over-sweet, these bars increase milk supply, so they’re the ideal snack when you’re breastfeeding! Maybe I’ll get a chance to try them out if n° 4 turns up! 🙂

How did you deal with going back to work? Do you have any advice for reconciling working life and breastfeeding?

I wanted to carry on breastfeeding part time (morning and evening) but after a few wet patches around the boobs (not very glamorous…), I had to cut short the nursing pretty quickly… The obligation to stop because I’d gone back to work was kind of hard to take!

How often did you express or pump your milk and at what times of day? Tell us about your ‘stock management strategy’ !

I never managed to express in a productive way!

What is your favourite memory of breastfeeding?

Every time my baby would fall asleep peacefully on my breast!

What advice would you give to mums-to-be who want to go down the breastfeeding route?

Listen to yourself, give breastfeeding a try, but don’t force yourself!

Thanks Brune !

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