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Can you describe yourself in a few words? (yourself, your family, your children…)

I’m Emilie, I’m 30 years old. I have been in a relationship for 10 years and I’m the mum of 2 lovely boys: Natale who’s 5 and Gallien, who’s 19 months. We live in the Burgundy region near Dijon. I’m a carrying advisor and children’s clothes designer. I’m trying to bring my children up in a caring environment, encouraging their self-esteem.

How did you experience the arrival of your second child?

When I was pregnant, the arrival of my 2nd child was really stressful. He was definitely planned, but once I was pregnant I realised that I would have less time for my firstborn, and I was scared I would love him less. My whole pregnancy was difficult, because this idea wouldn’t go away.
His birth was a relief, because that’s when I realised that the love I had for Natale was doubled rather than halved.

Did you breastfeed both children? How did the early stages go?

I fed Natale for 4 and a half months. I didn’t get very good advice, and I regret not having persevered. I went the whole hog with Gallien though, who’s still feeding in his 20th month. He nurses a bit during the day depending on his needs, and weaning will come naturally when the time comes.

Any little “hiccups” or difficulties to do with breastfeeding? How did you tackle them?

I was really lucky because I didn’t have any particulier problems at the start. It was Natale’s growth spurts that really caught me off guard. You might think breastfeeding’s easy, but I think you really need to want to do it, not give up, and get yourself a support network of knowledgeable people if required.

What’s your favourite breastfeeding memory?

My best memories are just loving glances we exchanged, during moments that only we shared.

Did you change your diet while breastfeeding, especially to maintain your milk supply (teas, lactogenic foods…)? What ingredients would you identify as lactogenic? Did you have cravings?

No, because I was scared that if my body got used to them, I wouldn’t have a fallback position if my milk supply dropped off. My midwife did prescribe some homeopathic treatment for the first few weeks (ricinus 5ch) and I drank some special teas (especially for the fennel, which helps with colic).

Were you particularly tired during baby’s early months?

The arrival of a child upsets our habits and routine, so between the time it takes to adapt and broken sleep, you certainly feel tired. But you just need to take the foot off the gas and adapt to your child’s rhythm.

Would you have like to use Jolly Mama’s snacks while breastfeeding?

Why not, I like trying new things!

What’s the best way to prepare for breastfeeding? What advice would you give to future mums who want to head down the breastfeeding route or who had a difficult first experience?

I think you need to surround yourself with the right people, get information from knowledgeable people who are trained in breastfeeding (which isn’t always the case, especially in the medical profession), follow your instinct and your determination to keep going, because it’s too easy to give up and then regret it later.

As a carrying counsellor, what is your advice for mums that are starting out?

My main advice would be to meet a counsellor, ideally during pregnancy, so you can learn and understand the advantages of carrying, and find out the different solutions that are available on the market, because like in all things, there’s good and bad (and sometimes really bad). It’s best to be able to feel and try it out, and find what best suits your needs and tastes and what’s comfortable.

What are your favourite products, and what are they for? If you were to choose a “must-have” for the birth?

I’m a fan of the Neobulle care range. From 4 months old we’ve used different oils: “Atchoum” (for sneezes) “Premières dents” (for teething) and “Douce nuit” (for a good night’s sleep) and we’ve since expanded with “Badaboom” (for bruises), “P’tits bobos” (scratches) and “Adou’pik” (insect bites)”.
During a cold snap, I also love Manymonths wools: the wool keeps you warm, but it’s senstive to body temperature so the child doesn’t get “too” hot. And for myself, the “must have” as a mum who doesn’t have much time to get ready in the mornings is CC crème by Erborian, which lifts the complexion even after a bad night.
For the birth, it has to do with carrying of course, and it would have to be my sling. Safe, quick and easy to put on, for that ‘skin on skin’ experience right after the birth.

Thank you Emilie !

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