Flore, Patronage manager

Could you describe yourself for us in a few words?

My name is Flore, I have 2 children with 2 years between them. We are a Franco-German family, with working parents… and the little ones are busy too!

What made you decide to breastfeed your child? Was it an easy decision to make?

There was no breastfeeding ‘dogma’ in my mind, there’s a lot of pressure on mums on the subject. I just thought I would try, and see how it went… so yes, it was a pretty relaxed decision.

Tell us about the first time you nursed your baby?

I was really lucky to give birth at the Diaconesses hospital. They really listen to the mums and are there to help out if you want to breastfeed. My first son suckled straight away in the delivery room, it was very spontaneous… and then we started nursing in the maternity ward, but my milk came through quite late because I’d had a bit of a complicated delivery. So the staff gave my baby the bottle in the interim, and were very supportive. It’s not so easy at the start!

How did the first sessions go (frequency, impressions, difficulties)?

Breast only, non-stop, on demand… feeling like that’s all you do, but completely at one with my baby, so it suited me fine! I had no pain, I used a balm that was recommended by one of the midwives as being good for preparing the breasts before the birth… and to heal any cracks, apparently it’s fairly miraculous.

Did you feel you needed some help on your ‘adventure’? From a friend? A midwife? Another mum? Your partner?

Not for my first, but for my second yes, because he had more problems feeding. I went to see a breastfeeding specialist and that helped, it gave me back my confidence. It just goes to show that an easy first experience doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be straightforward second time around.

Any little hiccups or problems while breastfeeding? How did you tackle them?

Not really, no.

Did you change your diet while breastfeeding, especially to maintain your milk supply (teas, lactogenic foods…)? What ingredients would you identify as lactogenic? Did you have cravings?

I really craved chocolate and I drank lots of nursing tea. And yes, I had a great appetite!

Were you particularly tired during baby’s first months?

Yes, exhausted 🙂

Would you have used Jolly Mama snacks? Will you use them if you are ever pregnant again in the future? Why would you think them worthwhile?

I would have loved to. They’re healthy, tasty, and they contain everything you need. I can’t wait for them to go on sale because I’m still breastfeeding. I find that these snacks fill you up, they taste good, they give you a boost when you’re flagging… so pretty indispensable when you’re a new mum.

How did you deal with going back to work? Do you have any advice for reconciling working life and breastfeeding?

It was tough for 10 days, then I got back into the rhythm. I have kept up the morning and evening feeds, for the moment I don’t think either my baby or I want to stop. But it probably contributes to the fatigue …

What is your best breastfeeding memory?

The time spent alone with the baby, the feeling that you’re as one…

What advice would you give to mums-to-be who want to go down the breastfeeding route?

I’d say it’s really not easy, that you need to have a support network – friends that are mums, experts… and it takes a good month before you settle in to it, so don’t give up hope at the start.

Thanks Flore !

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