Cereal square glazes

If you have a little case of the blues, here are two easy recipes to lift your spirits, making your cereal squares even yummier thanks to these quick glazes.

Use your favourite bars from our 4 varieties.

Recipe n°1: Yoghurt glaze


–        2 tbsp of greek yoghurt

–        8-10 tbsp of icing sugar


–        Mix the yoghurt, adding the sugar gradually until you get a smooth paste.

–        Spread it evenly on the squares, or you can line them up and drizzle the mix over them with a fork.

–        Warning!! Self-control required!! Leave to set overnight before devouring!

Recipe n°2: Chocolate glaze

Ingredients :

–        100g milk or dark chocolate, whichever you prefer


–        Melt the chocolate in a bain marie (steam bath) and spread, either by pouring it carefully over your delicious squares, which you have previously laid out on a wire rack, or using a brush

–       If you want them to look fancier you could also use a fork to drizzle the warm chocolate over them.

–      Chill for an hour in the fridge – this may seem like too long to wait, but you’ll thank yourself for it!!

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