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  • How do deliveries work during the COVID situation?

    We are still delivering during lockdown.  Thanks for your support!


    Our brilliant logistics teams have put together a very strict protocol for preparing your orders, while protecting themselves.

    Hygiene and distancing measures are in place in our warehouse since the start of the crisis (disinfection of each workstation several times per day, the wearing of surgical masks, hand washing before and after each phase of activity (on average once per hour).

    These measures do mean however that preparation times may be a little longer than usual.

    Take care of yourselves!


  • How much is delivery?

    Standard delivery to home addresses in mainland France is still free for orders of 70 euros and over.

    Colissimo signed deliveries are 7.90€, ‘relais chrono’ is 8.90€, delivery times are 3 to 5 days.

    Delivery via TNT is 8 euros, and via UPS it costs 10 euros (2 to 3 days).

    Unfortunately delivery times can be significantly longer than usual, but this is beyond our control.

    Deliveries to Europe are possible through Colissimo and UPS. Please get in touch if you wish delivery using another carrier, we’ll find a solution!


  • Where are your products made?

    In France, from organic ingredients.
    They are baked at low temperature for over an hour, to lock in all their goodness.

    Our Mama Time herbal tea in partnership with L’Infuseur is also made in France, with organic, mostly French ingredients.

  • How were they created?

    All our recipes were put together after many months of research and development, in partnership with our experts (doctors who specialise in nutrition, IBCLC-certified breastfeeding counsellors and naturopaths) so we could best meet the specific requirements of young mums.

  • Who is the Pregnancy range for?

    For all mums-to-be, at whatever stage of pregnancy. They can be combined with our Energy range.

  • Who is the breastfeeding range for?

    The breastfeeding range was specifically designed for nursing mums, and in particular, those who want to boost their milk supply.

    Each square naturally provides almost 50% of the Recommended Daily Intake of and 15% of magnesium. Each square contains between 200 and 220 kilocalories, which is half of the extra energy required while breastfeeding.  At last!!  A tasty and healthy snack to cope with those breastfeeding cravings!

    The cherry on the… square… is that they contain fenugreek, which has lactogenic properties.  We wanted to offer an alternative to nursing teas, something tasty that was suited to the nutritional requirements of young mums.

    The Choco Nut granola also contains fenugreek.

    Mums who aren’t, or who are no longer breastfeeding can also eat them.  They won’t get your milk flowing – you need baby to trigger that.

  • Who is the energy range aimed at?

    The energy range is for all young mums who need to get their energy and shape back in the early months after baby is born (and afterwards!), so they can cope with those cravings, the moments of fatigue and the ‘dumps’, while enjoying a tasty and healthy snack.

  • I’m not breastfeeding. Can I still use the breastfeeding range?

    Absolutely.  If your breastfeeding days are behind or ahead of you, don’t panic!  Our squares won’t get your milk flowing.  You would need to nurse frequently for the milk supply to come through.

  • I’m pregnant. Can I still use the breastfeeding range?

    Mums-to-be, sorry but our Breastfeeding squares and granola are not recommended for pregnant women, because they contain fenugreek, which can bring on contractions.

    No such issues with our Energy squares though, these are perfect for you.

    We have just launched a new square for the pre-natal and post-natal periods, with vanilla and macadamia nut.

    In 2 squares you have the equivalent foliates of a B9 pregnancy-specific dietary supplement (400 μg).  They also contain DHA, an essential fatty acid for good development of the brain and nervous system in the foetus and breastfed baby.  All that nutritional goodness in a tasty square, it’s vanificent!

    Our Mama Time herbal tea does not contain fenugreek and can be taken during pregnancy – it tastes good and it does you good!   And the cherry on top is the caraway, which helps with digestion, and is suitable during and after pregnancy.

  • What sets the Pregnancy range apart from ordinary cereal bars?

    Our Vanifique cereal squares are organic and natural.

    They are rich in fibre and contain many vitamins and minerals.

    They contain many super foods, in particular:

    – Extract of spinach powder (one square contains more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of foliates)

    -The oil of a micro algae that is rich in DHA, an essential fatty acid for the brain and nervous system of the foetus and breastfed baby.

  • What are the ingredients in the breastfeeding range that encourage milk production?

    Just good stuff that’s 100% natural.  The active ingredient in the breastfeeding squares and granola is fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum), a plant that has been used by generations of women all over the world to stimulate milk production and help recover after childbirth (registered health claim on the basis of 0.3g or more per day).

    Scientific studies that we have researched, show that a dose of 1.8g per day has a significant effect in increasing milk supply, and this is the amount contained in two breastfeeding squares.

    Our special Mama Time nursing tea contains caraway, which promotes lactation.  We recommend 3 x 2g per day (in 250 ml).

  • How long before I start to see the results with the breastfeeding range?

    Our breastfeeding squares and granola contain fenugreek, which promotes lactation.

    Each woman is different, but after a few days, you should be able to notice an increase in lactation with a daily intake of 1 or 2 squares.

    We recommend eating 1 or 2 cereal squares a day, 2 if you’re very tired or if your child’s in the middle of a growth spurt (with attendant marathon breastfeeding sessions), or when you go back to work.

    Don’t forget that the lactogenic aspect is the ‘cherry on the … square’.  Your baby does 99% of the work, and you can help by nursing on demand, without a stopwatch J

    Our squares are, above all, healthy snacks that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of breastfeeding mums, full of good vitamins and minerals to fight fatigue (sorry, we can’t guarantee you a full night’s sleep!).  It’s important when you’re eating for two, and when you know that tiredness is the primary cause of a drop in milk supply…

    Want to know more: this way !

  • What do I do if my milk production drops suddenly?

    First of all, take a deep breath, and believe in yourself.

    The first thing to do if there’s a drop in milk production is to nurse on demand (frequency and duration), or pump more often.

    A breastfeeding advisor can also help you find solutions: making sure that the baby is feeding properly, in the right position. #callyourIBCLC

  • How long before I start to see the results with the Mama Time nursing tea?

    Our special Mama Time nursing tea contains caraway, in particular, known to promote lactation.

    Results vary from woman to woman, but studies show an average of 7 days, along with good breastfeeding practice.  Benefits start to be felt with 3 x 2g cups per day.

    Nursing tea can’t replace good breastfeeding practice, it’s there to help, and it’s a good way to keep up hydration levels, give yourself a treat, take time out for yourself, even if it’s just for a few.

  • Can I drink Mama Time if I’m pregnant, or not breastfeeding?

    Absolutely, Mama Time is also ideal during pregnancy.

    If you aren’t breastfeeding, it won’t have any effect on your milk production.

    Also, caraway, aniseed and basil have useful digestive properties, especially if you have given birth by cesarian section.

  • Do I need to drink more to produce milk?

    If the mother doesn’t drink enough water, there’s no risk to the baby, who will take what he or she needs.  Scientific data consistently shows that neither an increase nor a decrease in the amount of liquid consumed affects the volume of milk that is produced.

    But what the baby takes, it takes away from the mother, who can suffer some negative effects if she isn’t taking on board enough water.

    We do recommend our Mama Time herbal tea so you can stay hydrated in an enjoyable way.

  • How many calories do they contain?

    We can’t survive on love alone… We are what we eat, particularly if we happen to be eating for two or more.
    A breastfeeding mum needs 500 kcal per day on top of what she was eating before pregnancy.

    On average, our cereal squares contain between 200 and 250 kcal. So with 2 squares, you’ll cover your extra energy requirements, avoid cravings, and you’ll do yourself and your baby good… minus the guilt!

  • How much fat and/or sugar do your squares contain?

    Our cereal squares do contain fat, but it’s good fat. They are low on saturated fats, and contain Omega-3s.

    Since baby depends entirely on its mum’s food intake for its own supply of fatty acids, which are necessary for development of the brain, the nervous system and vision, it is essential that the mum’s diet is high on the right kind of fat. ANSES (L’Agence Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire de l’Alimentation, de l’Environnement et du Travail, the French government authority in charge of health and safety for food, the environment and the workplace) recommends that 35-40% of a breastfeeding mum’s daily intake should consist of lipids.
    As for sugar, we have selected unrefined sugars that have a low glycaemic index: agave or maple syrup.

    Our Tomat’ apero savoury granola and our Vanilla Forever porridge are also without added sugar.

    Our Choco Nut granola is naturally low on sugar, with dark chocolate, dry fruits and (a touch of) maple syrup.

  • I’m pregnant and I have gestational diabetes. Can I use your products?

    Our cereal squares were not specifically designed with gestational diabetes in mind, but we do not use refined sugar, preferring ingredients with a low or medium glycaemic index.  Some mothers have got the go-ahead, but we recommend you discuss it with your doctor.

    Our savoury pregnancy granola, Tomat’apero, and our Vanilla Forever porridge have no added sugar and are gluten free, which makes them an ideal option if you are diabetic during pregnancy.

  • Are your products gluten free?

    No our cereal squares are not gluten free because of the oatmeal they contain. But they are guilt free, there are no refined sugars and the calories they provide are healthy ones.

    Our breakfast products (granolas and porridge) are gluten free though, as they are made from buckwheat (and gluten-free oatmeal for the porridge).

  • Are your products OK for vegans?

    Yes, all our squares are vegan.

  • Are your products lactose free?

    They are indeed lactose free.

  • You mention that the products may contain traces of milk and soya. What does this mean? My baby has a CMP intolerance/allergy?

    We don’t use milk/CMP or soya in our recipes.
    No products containing milk/CMP or soya are made on either of the 2 production lines in our workshops (those that produce squares and granolas).

    However some of the ingredients come from other factories, such as the chocolate. It is produced in a factory that uses milk and soya for other products than the one we purchase from them.

    Cross-contamination is obviously under control but, as a precautionary measure, we prefer to mention it on packaging.

    Many companies do not do this, even though dark chocolate, to use this example, is often manufactured in a factory that also produces milk chocolate.

    The specialists tell us there is no risk of cross-contamination by milk or soya.

    On a personal level, both of us have a child that is allergic to CMPs. We have given them to the children, and we have taken them and/or still take them while breastfeeding with no adverse effects.

  • Are your products vitamin enriched?

    All of our products are 100% natural.  We source the best super foods so as to bring you a maximum of nutrients, naturally.

    For example, a Vanifique square contains almost 234 µg of foliates (B9).  In 2 squares you have more than the equivalent in foliates of a special pregnancy B9 supplement (400 μg).

  • How long can I keep them? What’s the best way to store them?

    We recommend you keep them for up to 6 months to make sure they’re at their freshest.  But in our experience if you don’t hide them from prying eyes they won’t last that long… More seriously, they are best stored in a dry, dark place.

  • Can I share them with my children?

    There’s no problem if your kids get a hold of them. However your stock might start to “mysteriously” disappear 😇 …

  • Why are your squares more expensive than the ordinary cereal bars sold in supermarkets?

    We want to make them available at the fairest possible price:

    – Our squares are made in France and contain the best possible ingredients… lots of healthy ingredients, the right fats and the right non-refined sugars with a low glycemic index

    – Our squares were designed with you in mind, after months of research and development, in partnership with doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths.  They contain Omega-3s, fibre, iron and magnesium, to name but a few…

    – Our squares weigh 45g, which is a lot more than your common-or-garden cereal bars

    – And, naturally, they are organic.

  • Where can I buy your products?

    On our website, and also in some pharmacies, concept stores or organic shops.  Send us a message to find out if there’s a point of sale near you!

    And let us know if you have other ideas, we’re open to suggestions!  We’re always working on new options.

  • Do you deliver all over Europe?

    Yes!  The delivery charge is 10 euros.

  • Can I return them if I’m not satisfied?

    Unfortunately no, since they are foodstuffs.  If there is a problem, you can write to us at contact@jollymama.fr
    A cancellation period of 14 days does apply to orders, however. Details in our sales conditions.

  • Can we send gifts?

    Yes, we thought this might interest you!  If you check the ‘gift’ box at the checkout (+2 euros) you can add a little note.

    We will prepare your order and include your message on a Jolly card.

  • Can I try them out?

    You can try our discovery pack of 8 squares (2 per flavour) or our mama pack including squares and granolas!