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We work with a team of experts to create our recipes so that they meet the needs of new mums.

  • Dr Corinne Chicheportiche

    nutritionist doctor

    “If you’re a new mum, you need to take special care of what you eat! Your food intake during breastfeeding must be able to provide your baby with everything he or she needs to grow and thrive, but also satisfy your extra nutritional requirements during that time.”

  • Brune Vannier


    “Mum’s physical and mental wellbeing is the key to successful breastfeeding! That means a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet, rest and above all, enjoyment!”

  • Dr Olivier Kadoch

    gynecologist/ obstétrician

    “Straight after the birth, mums need to make sure they get back to a balanced diet. Whether or not they have decided to breastfeed, this is no time to try to lose weight. Their bodies need time to gradually recover from the pregnancy and the birth. A varied and balanced diet is the best way to go about it.”

  • Nutraveris

    regulation and scientific consultants

    We are European leaders in the Health Nutrition expertise marketplace, supporting and guiding laboratories and pharmaceutical, food industry and cosmetic groups through the scientific and regulatory phases, from marketing brief… to market launch.

  • Dr Sébastien Galie

    Nutritionist, endocrinologist, specialising in diabetes and metabolic disorders at the hôpital de la conception, Marseille

    “Women mustn’t neglect their diet after childbirth, especially if they are nursing.  Their food intake needs to enable them to recover after the birth and cover the extra demands related to breastfeeding.”