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We are
today’s women,

and also mothers !

We wanted to create the kind of brand
that we would have wanted ourselves:

That is innovative but not at the expense of natural products
That puts the #jolly-ness and the rich taste back into nutrition,
a far cry from flavourless futile products
That is created and developed every day with you
That considers organic a must, and made in France a plus

We don’t believe in dictates, but rather in the choices
that each woman makes for her own wellbeing and that of her child
We believe we are what we eat, especially when we’re eating for two
We believe that we eat with our bodies, our eyes and hearts in equal measure

We know that motherhood is a fabulous adventure,
but that it is not without its share of questioning and doubt
We know that together we are stronger
and that it can take a whole « village » to raise a child
We give a voice to experts, and mums.

Jolly Mama is YOU